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TicNat Team

We are a Canadian software company that develops and provides digital solutions and applications tailored to meet diverse technological needs, enhancing efficiency and productivity for businesses and individuals.
We specialize in creating innovative programs and platforms, catering to specific industries, or offering versatile solutions for various technological requirements, aiming to streamline processes and improve user experiences.

TicNat was established in 2016 by a talented founder (Mohamad Opada Albosh) who worked very hard to improve our technology stack and modern programming languages.

TicNat is now registered in Ontario province and Generally in All of Canada.

Best Quality

We deliver app with the best quality to our clients with a long term of guarantee.

Effective Costs

We are keen that the client pays only the cost required to complete his project.

Innovated Ideas

We inspire your ideas and add our magic to become a true innovation.